Welcome to Festival of Pattern.

This site has been created by Christine Boydell to share all things relating to twentieth century fashion and textiles, especially from the period 1930-1960 – although occasionally other decades will get a mention.

The content is informed by over thirty years teaching design history in various higher education institutions. Although that part of my life came to an end in 2015, I continue to be driven by the desire to share my research. So here you will be able to read previous publications as well as new research.

When I did my degree in History of Design in the late 1970s it was a new subject and I found the course at Manchester Polytechnic by accident. In my interview I was asked to talk about the chair I was sitting in (Robin Day’s ubiquitous polypropylene model, although I did not know it at the time), and explain my reaction to visits to Blackpool Pleasure Beach – this was not what I had expected. But the opportunity to study design and culture that I, as a working class teenager, could relate to – was perfect. It was at Manchester Poly that I developed my love of textiles and dress, spending my spare time volunteering at the Gallery of English Costume, Platt Hall.

During my career, as well as teaching and writing I have been lucky enough to have curated a number of exhibitions and you can see images from these shows on the Research pages.

Over many years I amassed a large collection of textiles and dress that I used in teaching – and in my new life I have started selling this collection and you can see what’s on offer by following the links in the Selling area. There are also new products made from genuine vintage fabric. I also have an Instagram account and a Facebook page



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